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At South Florida Coins we are major buyers of rare coins and paper money both from dealers and from the public at a local and national level. We offer our customers very competitive prices and the benefits of years of knowledge and experience in the industry. Numismatics is a very involved and wide-ranging field and can be daunting to a beginner. However, at South Florida Coins we can provide professional services tailored to both the serious numismatist and the novice coin collector alike.

We are staffed by a team of experts with many decades of experience in coin grading and are long-standing members of PCGS and NGC coin grading services, as well as CAC, PMG and CCE. We are capable of providing accurate and thorough appraisals of your existing coin collection and may be able to offer prices at or above current bid for rare and important specimens or examples that we consider exceptional for the grade. We have a passion for numismatics and love to educate our customers on their coins and give advice on coin collecting, as well as investing in bullion.

We buy all US gold coins; shown here are the $1 Princess, $2.5 Liberty, $5 Indian, $10 Indian , $20 Liberty and $20 Saint-Gaudens
We offer competitive pricing for rare coins such as these key date silver dollars; the 1889 Carson City Morgan dollar and the 1928 Peace dollar
Rare US cents; the 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent and the 1908-S Indian cent
One of the most sought-after US coins, the 1907 High Relief Saint-Gaudens $20 Liberty gold coin
A graded 1911-D $2.5 Indian US gold coin, another desirable rare date coin
The first coin of the United States, the 1793 Chain cent (reworked). Our buyers can expertly grade and appraise scarce pieces such as this
Some designs for US type coins; Draped Bust, Capped Bust, Seated Liberty and Trade dollar
We buy ancient, medieval and shipwreck coins such as this Greek gold stater of Alexander the Great, Greek silver hemidrachm, English Richard II gold Noble and 8 Reales (Potosi) from a Jupiter wreck
We buy and appraise all US paper money including large notes, gold and silver certificates, high-denomination bills and National Currency
Common coins that many people have in their possession are circulated Morgan silver dollars such as those pictured. Bring your in to see how much they may be worth
Pre-1964 silver quarter, dime and half dollar coins can add up in value. Contact us for a quote.

At South Florida Coins we purchase any type of gold, silver, copper, US or foreign coins and paper money. Our particular interests include US gold, quantities of Morgan and Peace silver dollars, original BU rolls, US type and proof coins, rare dates, mint errors and varieties. However, we also purchase the typical accumulations of common silver dollars, 90% silver and low grade type coins many people possess. We also buy or appraise ancient coins and shipwreck coins. Examples of coins that many of our customers often have lying around and that are worth significantly more than face value are pictured below and include pre-1964 silver dimes, quarters and half dollars, Morgan and Peace dollars and US coins from the earlier half of the 20th Century and before.

It is always worth having your coins evaluated as you may potentially have low mintage dates or high grade examples that can be worth more than average. In most cases, it is necessary to see your coins in order to give an accurate appraisal. Prices vary considerably according to condition, with very high grade original coins often selling for substantial figures. It is important not to attempt to clean your coins as this can significantly diminish their value. Please call us on 561 586 1811 for an appointment at one of our two locations, or alternatively mail us your coins by registered mail and we will arrange prompt payment.
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