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Loose diamonds and finished diamond jewelry

Selling Diamonds

At South Florida Coins we are strong buyers and sellers of diamonds. We purchase certified stones, uncertified stones, loose stones, engagement rings, earrings, melee and finished jewelry. Our experienced gemologists will expertly grade your diamonds in terms of their cut, color, clarity and size. We are well-equipped with all the instruments necessary to determine this with precision.

We are prepared to work extremely closely with you using the most current market pricing for stones of your particular specifications. Our buyers will offer you amongst the highest prices in the area due to our extensive network of connections. As is the case when we appraise anything we buy, we will not employ high-pressure tactics. We understand that parting with diamonds that have significant sentimental value can be a difficult process.

If your diamond is certified, please ensure that you bring your certification with you, as this will enhance the value of your stone. Only with GIA certified diamonds can we offer a price sight unseen within a reasonable range. Appraisals from other agencies or jewelers are not considered as reliable. However, in order to ensure we can make you the best offer, it is still necessary to view the stone in person. We are particularly interested in larger stones upwards of two carats. Also, high quality round brilliant and emerald cut stones and attractive mountings for engagement rings.

Buying Diamonds

At South Florida Coins we sell loose stones, mountings and finished pieces. We aim to offer our customers absolute flexibility in finding the perfect gift or piece for that special occasion. We will work with you to provide you with the diamond that exactly suits your needs and budget, for a price substantially below retail values. Our aim is for our customers to feel secure in the fact that they have made a sound choice for a fair price. Please call 561 586 1811 for an appointment so we can best determine how to accommodate your needs.