Gold Ends at a 0.5 Percent Loss on Friday July 25th


Prices for gold dropped for three sessions and recovered on Friday the 25th of July, slightly affecting the price of some rare coins in Florida. The price on Friday ended at over $1,300 per ounce, and gold deliveries for August picked up 1% the same day. Since the end of 2013, gold prices have increased 8.4% percent. Gold ended at $1202.30 per ounce and its increase in price has resulted in higher bullion prices at rare coin stores in Florida. The political instability in the Ukraine among other geopolitical problems have affected the price of gold lately.

US Mint Publishes Third Part of Kennedy Retrospective


The US Mint published the third part of the Kennedy half-dollar retrospective in the first week of July, as this year is the 50th anniversary of the 1964 half dollar. The 1964 half dollar, which is one of the common Florida coins, has played a significant role in numismatic history. The third part of the series talks about Kennedy’s leadership and development of the U.S. space program and other contributions that he made to the United States.

Silver Product Sales Increase for 2014


The 2014 Silver Proof Set had a 10% increase compared to 2013. This set featured 7 coins in 90% silver and 7 standard clad coins. The set sold quickly with orders going up to over 183,000 by May 4, and the set was released on April 29. Other silver coin sets can be purchased locally at Florida coin dealers such as South Florida Coins or from the US mint.

Gold Reaches Four-Month High


The price for gold reached a near four month high on Thursday 7-10-14 due to concerns over Portugal’s top bank. The price of gold for August delivery topped out at $1339.20 which was the highest price since March 19. Gold bullion can be sold at coin shops in Florida for those interested in selling their gold to benefit from the price increase.

Saddle Ridge Gold Coins Are Now Being Sold


The gold coins from the Saddle Ridge Hoard are now being sold, and part of the proceeds will be used to raise money for the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society to save the national landmark where the coins were minted. Most of the coins in the Saddle Ridge Hoard are $20 Liberty Double Eagles and there were a total of 1,427 gold coins found. The coins will be purchased by South Florida gold buyers and other investors throughout the country, and the total value of the hoard is estimated at over $10 million with a face value of $27,980.