5 Characteristics That Make A Gold Coin Desirable To Florida Gold Buyers


Florida gold buyers who invest in gold bullion coins say that investment grade gold coins must possess certain qualities for them to be considered as good investments. It is best to know what these qualities are before purchasing gold coins in Florida to ensure the best possible returns for your investments.

How Jewelry Stores in Florida Appraise Old Paper Money


Many jewelry stores in Florida offer appraisal services to collectors who wish to know the value of their antique coins and old paper bills. Whether it's for insurance purposes or the consummation of a sale, it is important to make sure that your old coins and paper bills are given an accurate appraisal because you may have a specimen worth more than its face value due to its high grade or low mintage date.

How a South Florida Coin Shop Sets the Retail Price of a US Morgan Silver Dollar


A South Florida coin shop will pay premium prices for a US Morgan Silver Dollar in good condition. Morgan Dollars, as dealers of Florida coins call them, were designed by George Morgan, and are considered by collectors as highly prized collectibles.

Diamond Demand Expected to Increase Up to 5 Percent


De Beers expects diamond demands to increase up to 5 percent with more sales in China and the United States at South Florida jewelry buyers. De Beers reported an operating profit of $765 million and a total sales increase of 15% which rose to $3.5 billion last Friday July 25th.

24K Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Coins Break Sales Expectations


South Florida gold buyers may be interested in the new 2014-W 24K Kennedy half dollar gold coins which sold over 68,000 during its first day of sales. The coins can be ordered from the US Mint, and will be released on August 5th. They are amazing and impressive pieces that have the original 1964 design and are likely to continue to be one of the popular collectible gold coins in Florida.